Worldwide Bunker Fuel Procurement Services

Our team of experienced industry experts have in-depth knowledge of the global marine fuels market. We provide customized bunker fuel procurement services both for one-off requests and on a contract basis.

DeaL Energy provides an optimized bunker procurement process. We offer our clients customized advice, tailored to your needs, including arranging competitive bunker deliveries, working efficiently and transparently, and pride ourselves on always providing high quality customer service.

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Founded for Optimal Bunker Procurement

Eva Bulker December 2018

Our rich heritage

The concept and foundation of DeaL Energy originates from J. Lauritzen’s establishment of its own internal bunkers department in 1990. Since 2004, J. Lauritzen Bunkers has been handling a number of external customers and many vessels within major segments, such as Bulkers, Gas Carriers, Tankers, RoPax, Roro, Reefers, Offshore vessels etc. Through the years, J. Lauritzen Bunkers have been well respected and gained a strong reputation in the bunkers industry.

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Creation of DeaL Energy

In 2022, J. Lauritzen joined forces with DFDS, one of Europe's largest ferry shipping and logistics companies, to co-found DeaL Energy. The two Danish companies, both which are part of the Lauritzen Fonden, share a joint vision to create a more progressive, extremely service-minded bunker procurement company.

DeaL Energy has a unique advantage in the bunkers market thanks to the combination of the rich history of its co-founders and their vast experience in multiple segments of the shipping industry. 

Our Values

Providing Personalized Advice

We work closely with your team to understand your specific business needs & arrange competitive marine fuel deliveries when & where your business requires, proactively inform you about any constraints or possible cost-saving alternatives.

Improving Efficiencies & Minimizing Risks

Our experts utilize their knowledge, experience & strong networks to secure competitive prices with the best terms & conditions, highest security on quality, to ensure timely delivery & mitigate risks.

Building Strong Client Relationships

We pride ourselves on offering excellent, personalized customer service focused on accountability, adaptability, resoluteness, empathy, & building personal connections with each of our clients.

Our Strong Partnerships

Lauritzen Bulkers A/S is owned by J. Lauritzen A/S, which has been part of the maritime worldwide trade for more than 135 years. J. Lauritzen A/S is owned by the Lauritzen Fonden, a commercial foundation with an explicit charitable purpose, supporting shipping, culture, social humanitarian work and education.

The main business entity is, Lauritzen Bulkers A/S, a major operator of bulk carriers engaged in ocean transportation of dry bulk cargoes worldwide. Lauritzen Bulkers, as part of J. Lauritzen A/S are part of a wide range of industry memberships and initiatives as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility programme and to reflect our focus on our business's impact on the environment.


Read more: J.Lauritzen webpage

DFDS is one of Europe's largest ferry, shipping and logistics companies and has been providing vital infrastructure services in Europe for more than 150 years. DFDS’ business mostly transports freight units on their many ferry routes in addition to hosting around 5 million ferry passengers annually.

DFDS prides themselves on their long history of ongoing transformation and adaptation to change in order to remain a relevant part of the transportation industry. DFDS’ strategy for the future is focused on moving forward digitally, continuing efforts towards carbon neutrality, and incorporating more diversity and inclusiveness across the entire organization.

DFDS is partly owned by the Lauritzen Fonden and the two companies share charitable values surrounding supporting the shipping industry, culture, social humanitarian work and education.


Read more: DFDS webpage

Our Services

We guide our customers on a very personal level when analyzing bunker fuel prices and availability around the world.

As our valued client, you can expect daily updates about your deliveries, transparency surrounding price expectations, and our team will always consider possible cost-saving alternatives if they present themselves.

We follow the fuel and oil market closely and time our purchases strategically to secure the best prices for our clients.

We take both availability and lead time in the specific port into consideration when negotiating on your behalf to minimize risks and avoid any delays.

We have a proven track record of securing cost savings for our clients by utilizing our strong network & strategic market insights.

We ensure that appropriate ‘Terms & Conditions’ are put into place with all suppliers and traders.

Our team initiated and was an active part of the creation of the BIMCO Terms 2018, which is now used as the preferred contract in the bunker industry. When working with a client, we ensure that appropriate ‘Terms & Conditions’, preferably based on the BIMCO Terms 2018, are put into place with all suppliers and traders. This provides our customers with maximum security in case of claims and other disputes.

Our established network & strong reputation in the industry, also provide advantages to our clients who can benefit from existing agreements we have in place with suppliers and traders.

We are experienced in paper swaps and also assisting charterers/ owners on bunker clauses when they are negotiating Charter Parties. As your trusted procurement advisor, you can count on us to negotiate the best Terms & Conditions for your business and mitigate any risks.

DeaL Energy is committed to supporting each of our clients in obtaining quality marine fuel at competitive prices.

We work with a network of trusted Bunker Quantity Surveyors to ensure that the right amount of fuel is supplied, and the correct samples are taken to certify the quality of the fuel being delivered. Our team also checks the VLSFO prior to purchase based on COQ’s received from the suppliers and we follow up on quality issues and/or delays and monitor all invoices sent to our customers.

Our team will issue claims to suppliers when required, offer the possibility to check your fuel tests report to ensure the correct quality of fuel has been supplied, and claim for density shortages when needed. We produce various management reports customized for each of our clients to provide full transparency about the purchases we make, our KPI’s on timing of the market, benchmarking etc.

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Why DeaL Energy?

Personalized, transparent bunker procurement services making shipping easier & cheaper for your business.

DeaL Energy provides all of the above offerings, as a ‘one-stop-shop’ service, under a fixed-fee agreement. We are focused on forming lasting partnerships with each of our clients and take your individual business needs into account in each proposal. Our team of experts guides you each step of the way, without any hidden fees or unexpected costs. We guarantee full transparency on all transactions and pride ourselves on building strong personal relationships with our clients. Our extensive knowledge, experience, and established network offer you the opportunity to gain synergies and savings not available elsewhere in the market.

We are always ready to talk!

Claus Kesting
Claus Kesting
Managing Director
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Mathias Bowie
Senior Bunker purchaser
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Kasper Due Andersen
Senior Bunker purchaser
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Lucas Volkinsfeld
Bunker purchaser
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Frederik Sinkjær-Hansen
Bunker Purchaser
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